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Website:Yorda's Paixao Logs
Character: Yorda
Series: Ico (mostly game, with her healing powers taken from the novel)
Version: After she sends Ico away from the castle.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Sexuality: She generally doesn't notice that stuff, so I'll say she can go either way, but it would have to be spelled out for her, first. |D

Appearance: Yorda, with her slender build and pale, glowing skin, looks more like a ghost than a living girl. She has delicate, elfin features (including her ears, which are elongated and slightly pointed) and vivid blue-gray eyes that are framed by long lashes. Her light brown hair is feathery and is cut plainly with slightly uneven bangs and tufts to cover her ears, the longest of it tickling the back of her neck. Yorda wears a mostly white dress that falls just below her knees, with dark brown sleeves and a triangular design at the back of it. Her dress has an open-necked, close-fitting collar on it; this is the same color of the sleeves, and the border of it extends to her chest, where it circles around in an open design and comes to a point that closes and continues over her heart. The princess keeps her feet bare.

In her shadow form, Yorda turns an inky black, with short arcs of blue-black electricity crackling around her. Her dress and all discerning features vanish into this form, and wisps of smoke drift off her.

Personality: Although she seems quiet and somewhat aloof at first glance, Yorda is not shy. When meeting new people, she instantly draws near to them, sometimes going to far to touch their faces as though making sure that they’re real. She likes to explore and look at new things (that is to say, everything) unless she is with someone, and then she prefers to stay by the side of the person she is with. Having no experience with the outside world, Yorda is very innocent and naïve and tends to implicitly trust in anyone who shows any signs of kindness.

Yorda is very curious about the world around her and often looks into the sky when she is standing still, endlessly fascinated by it. She has a soft voice and speaks little, preferring to express herself in simple sentences that are to the point, albeit polite.

Despite her delicate appearance, Yorda has a considerable reserve of inner strength, brave and unyielding in the face of danger, although she does, from time to time, express fear like any other person, and she keeps a cool head most of the time—unless something has frightened her to the point of fleeing. She is incredibly loyal to people she cares for and is self-sacrificing even to the point of throwing herself in harm’s way to see them safe.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Yorda has the ability to open the doors of the castle where she was born, shifting them with her spiritual energy. This ability is automatic—Yorda has no control over it—and the size of the door doesn’t matter. This also works outside the castle, but only on magical doors (normal doors that are merely locked or otherwise obstructed will remain unaffected), and Yorda is unable to use this power when she is in shadow form. She can also create paths where there previously were none and, like her mother, hold places together by infusing it with her life force.

She is also reasonably strong, able to pull herself up ledges and over obstacles somewhat quickly and pull people up, along with carrying them if need be. Yorda is also more resilient than she appears, and can take a fair amount of damage before she must be healed. In addition to this, the princess has good endurance; she can run long distances without tiring or slowing down.

Yorda is able to heal, but only so long as she is physically touching the person she's healing. It will take the healing anywhere from a few moments to a few minutes or so to take effect, will not remove any status effect (save for exhaustion, which is cured instantly, no matter how injured the other person is), and she cannot heal more than one person at a time. This power cannot be used in her shadow form.

In her shadow form, which she takes in times of need (mostly life threatening situations), Yorda has the same powers as her mother, which she inherited upon the Queen’s death—teleportation through shadow, petrification, a rather powerful knock back effect and self-shielding—as well.

Yorda, as a shadow (and her mother’s daughter), has longevity far beyond that of a human’s. If she’s not killed, she will live for thousands of years.

Weaknesses: As one who has lived in imprisonment for her entire life, Yorda’s naivety makes her incredibly easy to take advantage of. She does not understand the notion of lies and it would never so much as cross her mind that someone might be using her (except, of course, for her mother) as long as they wear a mask of kindness. Yorda is also does not understand the concept of fighting and will stand aside, watching curiously unless threatened – and even then, she can only push weakly at her attackers in her normal form and is easily shoved around.

Yorda is passive, not one for arguing even when she disagrees. On the occasions that she feels utterly alone, she can be tempted to give into despair and, when caged, waits for her fate rather than fighting for herself since she doesn’t understand that her life is indeed hers and not her mother’s.

Opening doors with light energy hurts Yorda—and the more energy it takes to open the door, the more it harms her. She can brush off opening smaller doors, but even this will, however slowly, wear her down, and if she uses this ability too much in a short amount of time, it has the potential to kill her.

In her shadow form, Yorda is weak against beings and spells of light. They cause her great pain and can weaken her terribly or even destroy her outright. This weakness does not apply when Yorda is in her normal form.

History: Yorda’s mother (who is only ever known as the Queen), ruled over an island where no human dared set near—save the hooded men who brought the so-called “cursed ones,” or horned children, to her. These children were locked in stone sarcophagi and left to suffocate, and upon death were taken by the Queen and turned into her shadowy minions. She ruled over them and the island, for countless centuries until she found herself growing old, despite her continuously youthful appearance. Upon the realization that she would not last forever, the Queen created Yorda out of pure darkness. When this was, or even if Yorda has ever looked like anything beside what she does now is unknown, but it is known that Yorda was placed into a cage on the same day as the arrival of a horned boy named Ico to the castle.

Ico, like the other children before him, was branded as cursed and marked as a sacrifice, and he was placed in a sarcophagus exactly like the others. “Do not be angry with us,” he was told, “this is for the good of the village.” The boy was left there for hours until, whether through the hand of destiny or a stroke of pure luck, his prison broke and he fell, unconscious, to the floor. During this time, the boy had a dream of wandering aimlessly around the castle in a storm until he caught sight of something undeniably peculiar: pure shadow coalescing on the floor of a cage that was hung from the ceiling and dripping onto the floor. Mesmerized, Ico continued to watch as the darkness solidified into the form of a living shadow. Ico backed away in terror and found himself tumbling through darkness again, and awoke.

Driven by the vision he had seen, Ico wandered through the castle until he happened upon an ethereal beauty in a cage, gazing aimlessly outward. Ico freed her, and the girl—Yorda—instantly drew near him, asking, “Who are you? How did you get in here?” Although Ico didn’t understand her language, he stammered out a hasty explanation (“Kids with horns are brought here”), never noticing the hulking creature before it snatched up the princess and started to carry her away. Ico grabbed the remnants of a torch and swung at the beast out of instinct or compassion, and defeated it, telling Yorda they had to leave.

From then on, the children stuck together, Ico taking Yorda’s hand and leading her around, as well as protecting her from the creatures. In return, she helped him find his way around some of the puzzles that blocked their way and opened the strange gates. It was in this fashion that the pair arrived at the castle gates, only to discover that they were closing and the two would have to run in order to make it past. Unfortunately, Yorda tripped, and as Ico stopped to help her, he was startled by a beautiful and frightening specter that spoke in the same echoic tones of his companion’s unknown language. The Queen first spoke to Yorda in their language, then to Ico in his, giving him Yorda’s name and the knowledge that she was her daughter and telling him to know his place and leave without Yorda. “She lives in a different world than some boy with horns,” she sneered before vanishing in a whirl of black smoke. Despite this warning, Ico offered Yorda his hand again, which Yorda took, prompting an ominous warning from the Queen in Yorda’s language.

The two continued on together, finally reopening the gate through Yorda’s power. However, this drained her severely, leaving her barely able to walk and making it easier for the Queen to attack her from behind, causing the girl to collapse. Despite having the chance to escape, Ico leapt back for her, only to miss the ledge and fall to his death—were it not for Yorda grabbing his hand at the last instant. Realizing that she could neither fight the queen nor truly save Ico, she gave the boy a sad smile and thanked him in her ancient tongue before the Queen spirited her away.

Whether by mercy, arrogance or cruelty, the Queen saw fit to leave Ico alone, leaving him to find his way through the new area he found himself in. Somehow, he stumbled upon the magical sword that his executioners from the village had used to open the door and took it up, racing to find the girl who had been his only companion throughout his ordeal, only to find her petrified by the Queen’s power and guarded by countless of the shadowed beasts who were once children. Ico fought them ceaselessly, and with each creature killed a sarcophagus was lit up until the room was aglow and a stairwell had risen behind Yorda’s form. Without hesitating, Ico took it and found himself in the Queen’s chamber. Though he looked around, even at the throne, Ico found nothing, and was about to leave when he heard the Queen’s soft, sibilant tones telling him to wait. The horned boy demanded to know what had happened to Yorda and the Queen silenced him, telling him that it no longer mattered, as Yorda would be no more when her body next awoke. “Now,” she finished calmly, displaying either pity or the cold cruelty of her nature, “put down your sword and leave. That is what she would want you to do.” Ico lowered his eyes, knowing the truth of her words, but struck after a few moments nonetheless. The Queen blocked, however, and with such ferocity that it caused him to lose one of his horns.

A battle ensued with the Queen launching ruthless and nearly constant attacks and Ico desperately blocking until he could attack again (despite each attack ripping the magical sword from his hands and throwing him back). Eventually, the Queen’s force field failed, and Ico struck the woman a fatal blow, watching as the Queen coughed up sickly black blood and warned him that Yorda would never be able to live outside the castle, even if the Queen herself died. With her final breath, the woman blasted Ico away, breaking his other horn off and knocking him unconscious.

It was at this moment that Yorda awoke to find herself in shadow form. Instantly knowing what must have happened, she came into the throne room and gathered Ico easily in her arms, carrying him out of the castle and setting him in a boat, pushing it out to drift on the sea. In a serene voice, she bid the unconscious boy goodbye and prepared for her life to end.

Instead, Yorda found herself in Paixao.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yorda or the game Ico. Those belong to Sony. I'm making no money off of this; this journal is for entertainment purposes only.
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