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Aug. 11th, 2009 05:06 pm
nonomoribird: ({countless visions haunt me in my sleep})
He is gone. There are shadows everywhere. I do not know what to do.

I am frightened.
nonomoribird: ({a lonely breeze})
Where is Elenra? I have searched, but I was not able to find her. I wonder if anyone managed to help her. I wished to. I will search again for her and see what I can do. I have not found Cora, either. I hope she is alright.

I worry. Why are so many people disappearing? What if I disappear? Perhaps I will find the missing people then, but what next? I do not know.

At least Ico is with me now. I am glad, but I am afraid that some one else will disappear now. I do not like being frightened.
nonomoribird: ({how to describe the way I'm feeling})
The boy is here. We are together again. I have left Cora's house, because she is missing and I do not wish to stay in there without her. I cannot find Elenra yet, but I will look as soon as the boy has awakened. He is very tired and I do not wish to leave him alone. I worry for him, but he will be alright. He is strong.

I still do not know his name.

I have met someone else in the city, named Auron. He is very kind and has answered many questions I had. He seems familiar with the shadows I saw within the city. I wonder if they will appear again.

I wish to help others, but I do not know how.
nonomoribird: ({I recall a melody})
Why is Timon gone? Has he left?

I was hiding from the shadows. There do not seem to be as many around as before. I am glad for it; they reached for me. I thought they would take me back to Mother, but she is gone.
nonomoribird: ({fleeting memories rise})
I wonder why this place seems so silent. There are sounds, and there are people, but the shadows seem longer, somehow. I do not think it is very safe right now.

I have not seen the musician in a while. I wonder where he is.
nonomoribird: ({though forgotten all promises we keep})
Mother was not here. The shadows here are very different from the shadows in the castle, and from Mother and I. The shadow chased me, but I ran and was able to escape it. In the castle, the boy beat the darkness away with a piece of wood, but there were none here.

I do not like fighting.

[ooc: Yep, this is me, horrifically late in reacting to the Heartless. Sorry, guys!]
nonomoribird: ({countless visions haunt me in my sleep})
... Matir.

Matir kara na lilu cei.

[ooc: ... Yes, Matir is a reference to Atlantis. 8D

Translation: Mother.

Mother should not be here.]
nonomoribird: ({sole witness to history})
Where am I? This place is full of light. Before, the sea was near me and the rocks were falling. The boy was leaving on a boat.

I do not understand. How can this be? I must be dreaming, for I was surely about to die.

Or perhaps… perhaps the boy is here. I must find him, though I do not know his name.

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